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To give you a bit more background on who I am, I’m happy to share some of my personal interests, hobbies, and favorite things. Take a look below to learn more about me and what I like to do in my free time!

Food Reviews

I have always loved to eat, so I decided to turn my passion for food into a creative outlet! I began writing food review articles for The Daily Targum where I reviewed local restaurants at Rutgers University. This was a great way to get involved and experience new types of food! Check them out here!

I also started a food review Instagram page. This page is a more casual way of sharing my food reviews for friends and family to interact with and enjoy! Click the slideshow or check me out at @cameronscrunch on Instagram!

Film Photography

Another passion and interest of mine that I have developed over the years is film photography. My friends and I began using disposable cameras in high school, and it became such a fun way to capture memories together. I also started an Instagram for my film photos, @thecameramancam, as a way to share my photos with friends and family! Check out some of my photos in the slideshow!


One of my favorite parts about being born and raised in New Jersey is that we have access to so many different environments. While I do love the city and the beach, one of my favorite things to do is go hiking. Growing up in Morris County, I had a ton of different hiking spots nearby, all usually within an hour's drive. 

These two photos are from my favorite hike at Kaaterskill Falls in Upstate New York. It was an awesome hike that had some beautiful views!

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